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Главная > Z > Zelmani Sophie > Hard To Know

Sophie Zelmani - Hard To Know Аккорды и текст песни, бой на гитаре

Em                                             Am     
I ain't here for fun can't be moved around
Am                                                     Em   
Maybe that means, I can't give you a good time
Em                                          Am  
I could spend my time looking at you
         Am                                                    Em 
But as long as you're striving I've got to do that too


Em                                             Am   
Hard for you to know I'm dripping of love,
Am                                            Em  
Hard to defend I'm only dreaming of love

Проигрыш: Em  Em  Am  Am  Am  Am  Em  Em

I'm not here to make my voice heard
Maybe that makes me smaller in this world
I could spend my time wishing I was like you
And if you think my life looks alright, I'll think so too


Окончание: Em  Em  Am  Am  Am  Am  Em  Em - 3 раза

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