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Главная > C > Chilly > Springtime

Chilly - Springtime Аккорды песни

Вступление: |Am  Am|Dm  Dm|G  G|C  E|

  Am                 Dm         
Springtime love is in the air
G                        C           E        
Flowers growing everywhere
Am                      Dm              
Take off shoes and feel the grass
G                                  C   C/H  Am       
Lay back there let the ho-o-urs pass 

Let the heaven kiss you with breeze
Let the sunshine see you through the trees
Open up your arms and take the air
Let the wind enlighten in your hair


     C                                    E               
So take your time let me get into your smile
          F                                          G                  
And relax and find what you're feeling now for a while
              E                         F            
And the dreaming needs for feeling now
           C                         E 
And I know what I want to do


Springtime love is in the air
Flovers growing in your hair
Take off shirt and feel the wind
Lying softly upon your skin

Проигрыш: |Am  Am|Dm  Dm|G  G|C  E| - 2 раза |Am  Am|F  F| - 2 раза


Take a look and see all the love in the sky 
And just when you do reflecting in your eyes 
And the dreaming needs for feeling now 
And I know what I want to do


Springtime love is in the air 
You can smell it everywhere 
Take off your thoughts of a rainy day 
You will find an easy way

Окончание: |Am  Am|F  F|...

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