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Главная > D > Deuce > Now You See My Life

Deuce: Now You See My Life Аккорды и текст песни

C#m                           H6                             
There once was a kid named Deuce
D#7                         G#m                                     
Who got sick and tired of being picked on
C#m                              H6                           
So he got himself a nice twenty two
        D#7              G#m                       
Click boom, now he's on the fuckin news


                    C#m                                H6                  
Now who's the king of these rap acts? American Bad ass
       D#7                            G#m                          
They say he's a class act, no wonder he's jabbed at
C#m                                   H6                                           
That's why they put me up in lights and I rap back
D#7                                            G#m                              
And have these critics wanna mimic my crack ass

He ain't no cinic but he knows where your dad's at
They ain't gonna finish tiling they send you to Bagdhad
And minute by minute they going pull you right in it
You going end up at clinics because they put you on

But don't you worry I'm back ya Deuce is back with a black hat
Cape and a black cat baby I'm the new Batman
You know only sarah can grab that
I dont need no groupies trying to grab at my pants

Hoping that im gonna go back and tax that
I aint endin' up in no place with no bad rash
How come I get laughed at by media trash bags,
Just because I'm white and I sing like I'm half black


C#m                  H6 
Now you see my life
         D#7                G#m
And it looks so pretty, looks so pretty
C#m                        H6                  
You want what you can't
D#7                                       G#m                       
Have and you know that's too damn bad

Try and take my pride
We both know that's silly know that's silly
You want what you can't have
And you know that's too damn bad

Soon as my voice's touch's or even get's close to a track
It's rat-a-tat-tat-tat I'm dropping bomb's on they asses
Burn you up in the ashes ya I'm back to my old tactics,
Rappin to slay faggots and rappers who aint have what it take's

So I straight jack 'em, slap em' I aint laughing,
This is where it gets tragic homie you aint matching
Me or my ryhmes half black half white rapper
Tryna' downgrade my skills tellin everyone

I'm wack, shit what about your habbit?
Slanging dope on the streets from your one bedroom apartment
"Hey look, it's me Cartman I'm retarted"
Don't get me started how these old farts tryning

Pick apart my religion,
Of course I'm gifted ain't no god but I'm lifted
Listen I'm the wizkid who grew up a little different
Welcome to my life bitch, It's my last mission



       G#m                   F#                             
I was born to rip shit, born with too much wit,
             E                                   D#7               
That's why they call me the wizkid cuz I drop hits
         G#m                                  F#                       
Mimic me? I'm too sick, you can't hang I'm too quick
    E                                                     D#7      
What's my name? DEUCE BITCh, it's the new shit

Leaving ego's bruised in ya you're trapped you're stupid
Try and step in my shoes but it's foolish
I'm coo coo homie I got screw's loose
Fuck Tool you can kiss my ass too bitch

You and your Dr.Phil affiliates,
You're worth two cents of my time and a few bars
So move bitch as long as I'm doing music,
I'ma be a nuesence, It's a new movement

Припев - 2 раза.

Окончание: C#m  H6  D#7  G#m - 4 раза

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