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Неизвестный исполнитель - Today You Are Going Camping Аккорды и текст песни


|B9  B(6)|Csus4  C(3)|Dm  Dm|Dm  Dm(5)|Gm7  Gm7|Csus4  Csus4|C(3)  C(3)|

   Dm                   Bmaj7     
Today you are going camping
             Am                     Dm  
With your family, friends or class
           F                  C        B    
Please help us, dont drop any litter
                 Dm           Am            B  
Because your litter lives longer than us!

Today you cut down your forests
But the planet needs our leaves
Please stop it because tomorrow
You will have no air to breathe


           F              C     
'Cause nothing is forever
       B                     F    
And nature is getting tired
               Dm       Am           
If we dont stop and think today
     B                              C  
Tomorrow the Earth could die

You can have a bath or a shower
But today is the time to think
Save the rivers because without them
You will have no water to drink

Today we are still in your forests,
In the sky, in the rivers, but look
Dont kill us! Because your children
Will see us in picture books



|B9  B(6)|Csus4  C(3)|Dm  Dm|Dm  Dm(5)|Gm7  Gm7|Csus4  Csus4|C(3)  C(3)|Fmaj7  Fmaj7|F(8)|

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