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Главная > R > Reinholdt Richie > Still There

Richie Reinholdt - Still There Аккорды к песне

Вступление: A  D - 2 раза E  D  H  E  E

      A                      D                   
It’s getting too hard I just can’t take it
         A                         D    
You know it ain’t working right
   E                          D                      
I gotta get back to the one who loves me
H                     E       
If she’s still there


              A   Hm  D  E
Still the-e-ere,
                A  Hm  D  E
I still the-e-ere

It’s been too long since I held her close
And heard her sighs of love
My heart’s been torn and I need to go home
But if she’s still there


Friends or lovers which is better,
I really don’t know any more
I used to think I knew so much
But if she’s still there


D                       E                          
Chasing dreams around the world
A                           F#m       
The fantasy is so alluring
         D                            E                  
But when it comes down to being out there
D                     E      
All you got is enduring

Проигрыш: A  D - 2 раза E  D  H  E  E

It's hard to leave and it's harder to stay
I can’t help feeling used
I’m all used up and I need my baby
But if she’s still there

Припев - 2 раза.

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