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Главная > B > Blackmore`s Night > Believe In Me

Blackmore`s Night: Believe In Me

Am         F          C                  G/H
It's a reflection that you see in me
                  Am              F               C     C  C/H  Am 
I know it's not have reality 
Am                F               C            G/H   
Beneath the glitter and behind all the lace
                                                Fmaj7   Am7/E  C/D  C  G/H 
Do you see my face?

I'll be the mirror, the spaces in between 
It's not the truth it's just a dream
But I guess we all have to believe in something
In anything...


               C    Am7 Dm7               G        
Do you love me    just the way I am?
              C   Am7   F       Dm7       G        
Do you need me? Will you take a chance?
             C Am7   Dm7               G 
Do you see me for all that I can be
                           Fmaj7  Am7/E  C/D  C  G/H             C    C  C/H  Am 
Do you believe...                     Believe in me? 

Sometimes you need to be lost just to be found
You need to go to come back around
You need to set somebody free for them to return
You live and learn


Проигрыш: Dm G - 2 раза E

I've heard it said that true love is blind
All this is just a state of mind
If you're not looking you will never find
You'll be left behind

Припев - 2 раза.

G/H                                                        C/H


Fmaj7                                                     Am7/E



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