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Bad Boys Blue: From Heart To Heart

В оригинале на 2 тона выше (C#m).

Можно проиграть этими же аккордами, поставив каподастр на 4-ом ладу


|Am  F|G  Em| - 2 раза

And there is a dream of love and freedom
I've been hearing for so long
  F                                                  E   
So many nights and so many lonely bars

I never found a girl like you babe
Assumed my life just went all wrong
Only your love can take me to the stars


                     Am                       F 
From heart to heart, heaven and hell
            G                              Em    
Loving you is like a message forever
          Am                    F  
And I know we'll never part
                   G                               Em 
'Cause your feelings are tender and true

Heart to heart, heaven and hell
You send your feelings to my realm of darkness
Heart to heart, don't break the spell
The only thing I want is loving you


Please come close and let me listen
To the words your heart can tell
I know you're the best, you've given me a life

I want you. I want your body
And I want your soul as well
'Cause you're my chance to make a dream survive




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