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Главная > Песни из кино - и мультфильмов > Old Habits Die Hard

Mick Jagger & Dave Stewart - Old Habits Die Hard (из к/ф "Красавчик Алфи, или чего хотят мужчины") Текст песни с аккордами

Оригинальная тональность - Gm

Вступление: C  G  Dm  F - 2 раза

I thought I shook myself free
You see I bounce back quicker than most
           Am                  G                 
But I’m half delirious, is too mysterious
You walk through my walls like a ghost

And I take every day at a time
I'm proud as a lion in his lair
Now there's no denying it,
A note to crying it
You’re all tangled up in my head


C               G         
Old habits die hard
Dm                      F              
Old soldiers just fade away
C                      G     
Old habits die hard
Dm                  F            
Harder than November rain

Old habits die hard
Old soldiers just fade away
Old habits die hard
Hard enough to feel the pain

We haven't spoken in months
You see I’ve been counting the days
I dream of such humanities, such insanities
I'm lost like a kid and I’m late

But I’ve never taken your coats
You see, haven't no block on my phone
I act like an addict,
I just got to have it
I never can leave it alone


Проигрыш: C  G  Dm  F

               F                 C     G
And I can't give you up
                             Dm     F  
Can't leave you alone
                 C           G            
And it’s so hard, so hard
      Dm                   F              
And hard enough to feel the pain


Окончание: C  G  Dm  F...

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