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Главная > C > Collins Phil > Another Day In Paradise

Phil Collins: Another Day In Paradise

Вступление: Fm  Fm  D#  Bm - 4 раза

Fm                              D#             Bm       
She calls out to the man on the street:
Fm                     D#              
"Sir, can you help me?
Fm                         D#             Bm          
It's cold and I've nowhere to sleep...
Fm                                         D#              
Is there somewhere you can tell me?"

He walks on, doesn't look back
He pretends he can't hear her
Starts to whistle as he crosses the street
Seems embarrassed to be there


Fm        D#add9
Oh, think twice
              C#/F                                 D#add9   
'Cause it's another day for you and me in paradise
Fm        D#add9
Oh, think twice
'Cause it's another day for you,
D#        Fm    D#   C#  Fm  
You and me in pa-a-ra-a-dise

Проигрыш: Fm  Fm  D#  Bm - 2 раза

Think about it...

Проигрыш: Fm  Fm  D#  Bm - 2 раза

She calls out to the man on the street,
He can see she's been crying
She's got blisters on the soles of her feet,
She can't walk but she's trying


Проигрыш: Fm  Fm  D#  Bm - 2 раза

Just think about it...

Проигрыш: Fm  Fm  D#  Bm - 2 раза

D#/G       Fm            
Oh, Lord,
            D#                         G#        
Is there nothing more anybody   can do
D#/G           Fm      
Oh oh ooh, Lord,
                     D#                      G# 
There must be something you can say


You can tell from the lines on her face,
You can see that she's been there
Probably been moved on from every place
'Cause she didn't fit in there


Окончание: Fm  Fm  D#  Bm...

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