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Главная > Дуэты > Sonny Bono & Cher - Little Man

Sonny Bono & Cher - Little Man Аккорды к песне

Вступление: Dm  A7/C#  A7  Dm

Little man, when you stand by my side
           Dm                                 A7/C#    
Then I know I don't have to hide from anyone 
And I pray that we'll stay just that way 
            A7/C#                            Dm-Dm+-Dm-Dm/F
Till the day comes along when we catch the sun


Little girl you're running
Come catch my hand I'm near you 
Little girl you're singing
Come close to me I hear you


Dm  Dm  Dm  Dm  A7/C#  A7/C#  A7/C#  A7/C#

A7/C#  A7/C#  A7/C#  A7/C#  (Dm-Dm+-Dm-Dm/F - 2 раза)

You're growing old, my mother's cold 
Now you've learned what it meant to be mature 
There's no such place as make believe 
But when I look at your face, I'm not so sure 



You and me is what I see and that's the way
It's gonna stay and it will always be 
So little man, please understand in this world
With all it's land you're all I see


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