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The Coasters - Down In Mexico (OST "Доказательство смерти") Аккорды и текст песни

Вступление: D#m  G#m  D#m  B  D#m  B

Down in Mexicali
There's a crazy little place that I know
Where the drinks are hotter, than the chili sauce
And the boss is a cat named Joe


He wears a red bandana
Plays a cool piana
     G#m                      D#m   
In a honky tonk, down in Mexico

He wears a purple sash,
And a black moustache
     G#m                      D#m    
In a honky tonk, down in Mexico

Well, the first time that I saw him
He was sittin on a piano stool
I said: "Tell me man, when does the fun begin?",
He just winked his eye and said: "Man, be cool"


     B D#m 
In Mexico...
All of a sudden in walks a chick

In Mexico...
Joe starts playin on a latin kick

In Mexico...
Around her waist she wore three fishnets

In Mexico...
She started dancin with the castanets

In Mexico...
I didn't know just what to expect

In Mexico...
She threw her arms around my neck

In Mexico...
We started dancin all around the floor

In Mexico...
And then she did a dance I never saw before


So if you're south of the border
I mean down in Mexico
And you wanna get straight man, don't hesitate
Just look up a cat named Joe


Окончание: D#m  B...

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