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Главная > B > Bad Boys Blue > Lovers In The Sand

Bad Boys Blue: Lovers In The Sand


                             B     F  D#  F
Lovers in the sand...
Lovers in the sand...

                  Gsus4               Gm 
I didn’t want emotions, did not dare
                         Gsus4          Gm  
‘Cause I’ve lost too many love affairs
                 Fsus4                     F  
I was in the mood to have some fun
                             D#  F
Somewhere in the sun

I blame it on the southern summer nights
When I lost my heart at the site
                            F  B
Now all I wanna do
                           Dm  F
Is just to be with you


                    B                            F    
Lovers in the sand walking hand in hand
                            D#                 F    
And dreaming of the last night we shared
                   B                         F  
Lovers in the sand deep in love again
                             D#              F   
And now that I have found you I know
                                        Bsus4  B  Fsus4  F
I'll never let you go

I know that you’re the one I’ve always missed
Know it every time I kiss your lips
When you’re close to me, down by the sea
Somewhere in the sun

When I feel your hands touching me
Feel your heartbeat faster then I see
All I wanna do,
Is just to be with you


Lovers in the sand...
Lovers in the sand...


F7  B  F13  F - 2 раза

Припев - 2 раза.

                                        Bsus4  B  Fsus4  F
I'll never let you go!
I'll never let you go!

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