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Главная > A > Arabesque > A New Sensation

Arabesque: A New Sensation


Am  G  E  Am  Am  G  E  Dm  Em  F  G

All winter I'd been so alone
My heart was freezing to the bone
           Am                               G G#
A nightmare, a nightmare

My future life was in the dark
Until I met you in the park
Hey hi-there, hey hi-there

    G                               C                                
At first you were only a stranger, a total stranger,
      H7                                     E
But now you mean so much to me


   Am        G       
A new sensation,
 G          Am     
Pure temptation
 Am       G      
Good vibration
I've been in love before
But now it's so much more

   Am        G      
A new sensation
 G    Am     
  F                          C          
Fancy, I love you, I love you
The magic of three little words
            E                                       Am
Means more than all the universe to me


This lovely summer holiday
Is like no other holiday
I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming

An island just for you and me
A beach where no one else can see
Me dreaming, dreaming

One kiss and the world seems to vanish, it seems to vanish,
When I feel the heavenly bliss



Am  G  E  Am - 2 раза

Am  G
          E                      Am  
   I can see the lovelights burn...
Am  G
                        E               Dm  Em  F  G
   On the point of no return...


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