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Главная > H > Higgins Bertie > Casablanca

Bertie Higgins: Casablanca

В оригинале на 1 тон выше (Hm).

Можно проиграть этими же аккордами, поставив каподастр на 2-ом ладу

Вступление: Am  Asus2  Asus2  Am - 4 раза 

Am                                                  Dm         
I fell in love with you watching Casablanca
G                                                Cmaj7              
Back row of the drive in show in the flickering light
Pop corns and cokes beneath the stars
Am                               Dm      
Becamе champange and caviar
                      G                                                 Am      Asus2  Asus2  Am
Making love on a long hot summers night

I watch you fell in love with me watching Casablanca
Holding hands beneath the paddle fans in Rick's Candle light Cafe
Hiding in the shadows from the spies
Moroccan moonlight in your eyes
Making magic at the movies at my own Chevrolet


                Dm              G             Cmaj7    A7
Ooh, a kiss is still a kiss in Casablanca
   Dm              G                   Cmaj7
A kiss is not a kiss without your sigh
  Am                                      Dm    
Please come back to me in Casablanca
                              G                                                              Am   Asus2  Asus2  Am
I love you more and more each day as time goes by

Проигрыш: Am  Dm  G  Cmaj7  E7  Am  Dm  G  Am

I guess there are many broken hearts in Casablanca
You know l've never really been there so i don't know
I guess our love story will never be seen
On the big white silver screen
But it hurts just as bad when l had to watch you go

Припев - 2 раза.

    Dm                                      G                     Am    
I love you more and more each day as time goes by...

Окончание: Am  Asus2  Asus2  Am...

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