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Boney M: Silly Confusion


|Am  Am|F  F| - 2 раза |Am  Am|Am  Am|E  E|Am  Am|

Meet me on the Moon very, very soon
Meet me on the stars, Jupiter and Mars
Fly me to a star, burning out in space
Shining on my face

Fly me through the night on your Silver Wings
Over crystal seas, Valleys of the Kings
By the lilac shore where the dragon flies
In the diamond skies


Silly, Silly Confusion
And tangle of wild illusion
         E                                    Am       
We're living in a wonder world of fantasy
         E                                  Am                 
We spent all our times in sweet living dreams

It's a Silly, Silly Confusion
Like a flower of wild profusion
You can do the things in life, you always wanted to
Within your heart you know it always will come through


|Am  Am|Am  Am|E  E|Am  Am|

|:Am  Am|F  F:| - 2 раза

Take me for a ride in your Dream-Machine
To a time and place where no one has been
Let me look upon worlds I've never seen
In your Dream-Machine

Fly me to a star burning out in space
Let me feel the light shining on my face
Sail on solar winds sail on silver birds
Through the universe



|E  E|F  F|

|Bm  Bm|Bm  Bm|D#m  D#m|Bm  Bm|

|F#  G#|Bm(6)  Bm(6)|

|Am  Am|Am  Am|E  E|Am  Am|



|Am  Am|Am  Am|E  E|Am|

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