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Bonnie Tyler: Clouds In My Coffee

Вступление: Dm  A  B  F  Gm  Dm  Gm  A

    Dm                            A       
Oh do you remember the moment
                 B                                      F   
When the sky turned to a sad shade of grey
    Gm                           Dm    
As darkness crept over the ocean
       Gm                         A 
Then you turned to walk away

I looked to the place at the table
Your face no longer I'd see
The reflection I saw in your coffee
        Gm                        C
Was a bitter reflection of me


                         F      Dm
Clouds in my coffee
                          Gm   C
And tears in my heart
                      Am       Dm
That's what I'm feeling, e-e
                          Gm   C
You've torn me apart

Clouds in my coffee
It could be a dream
But as you walk away
It's all I can see

Проигрыш: Dm  A  Gm  C

I still remember the feeling
As the night woke up to the dawn
To awake and realise the meaning
What my eyes had focused upon

These rooms so cold and so empty
Just spaces where photographs were
The echoing silence assured me
That you really were no longer here


Clouds in my coffee...

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