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Bush: Bodies In Motion

Вступление: |G  G|Hm  Hm| - 2 раза

I spread my wings, I tried to fly
I believe in myself when there was nothing right and I
I know I am dust, I know we are sand
But we give of ourselves as best as we can

                D                     C       H         
Why does it always rain on Mondays for me


Bodies in motion,
Bodies at rest
Got to get inside you,
G                 H       
Got to get lost

Jump into the water,
Jump into your life
Diving in deep
To your ever changing light

Проигрыш: |G  G|Hm  Hm|

I been lost and I been found
I made my bed in this sea of sound
And we have been so high been so low
Are you the one that I need to know

Why does it always rain on Mondays for me


Em                                C                  A           
Into the deep of your ever changing light
          G                    H                 Em   
Of your ever changing never changing light

D           G      
Into your light,
Em           A      
   Into your light...

Проигрыш: |G  G|Hm  Hm|

We found love and we found pain
And I know that you're sinking cause I feel the same

                D                     C       H         
Why does it always rain on Mondays for me

Припев - 2 раза.

Окончание: |G  G|Hm  Hm| - 2 раза G

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