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Главная > B > Brice Lee > Whiskey Used To Burn

Lee Brice: Whiskey Used To Burn

G#m                        F#/B  H         
Looked in the Mirror today
Found my first line on my face
G#m                                           F#/B      H           
You know you really don't know how to take 
Watching your whiskers turn gray

So I closed my eyes 
And thought about my life.

Припев - 2 раза:

                           H   F#/B   G#m  Emaj7
When the Whiske-e-e-e-ey 
Used to Burn

Переход на 1 полутон (на 1 лад) выше (Am)

High School and pick up trucks
Sneaking out with summer love
        G                                                                         Gsus4 G
You know all those nights you just couldn't get enough

Coming home at three a-am, 
From places we'd never been
We were all just kids back then

We didn't know first times
                      Gsus4        G
It happened just one time

Припев - 2 раза:

                         C    G/H    Am  Fmaj7
When the Whiske-e-e-e-ey 
Used to Burn

          Am               Em7/H              Fmaj7 
Back when I could still feel this broken heart
             G               Am              Em7/H         Fmaj7  Gsus4 G
Sometimes I wish I could go back to the start


               Am   Em     Fmaj7    
There ain't much I'd change
But sometimes I miss, I miss the days

Припев - 2 раза.

Back when I could still feel my Broken heart
Sometimes I wish I could go back to the start

Окончание: C  G/H  Am  Fmaj7  G

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