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Главная > L > Living Blues > Shylina

Living Blues: Shylina

Like the morning due
When the sun goes up
Like the sweetness in
          F/A                F
The sound of love

G#                           G                        
In the smile that blinds my eyes
                      Cm   G#  D/F#  G

Where the river flows
To the rainbow glows
And we've been blowed
Gently waves

Is the place we've shared our love,

When the autumn leaves
Fallin down the trees
I remove from
Where my memory stays

And her eyes were filled with tears

While the seal suns goes by
I still see her sad face
As I said that I'd leave him
How sweet fell in that day

And it went so clear rainin
And she helped me to stay
Heard she couldn't leave without me
So I promised to stay

     G          Cm  
But I lied Shylina
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