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Smokie: Pass It Around

Вступление: E  E  A-D  D  E-E7-E  E  D-A - 2 раза

Well do you know how it feels
          A          D                    A             E   
To be walking around with your run down heels
And do you know just how it looks
         A        D                  A          E    
To be left outside with your college books

            F#m                D          
And the great thing bout being you
                H                      E           
Is you can do whatever you want to do


             D             A              E  
So if you turn on to something good
                 D             A              E      E7     E    
And by the way you're going God knows you should
         D             A              E    
If you turn on to something good,
E   A   D             A              H   
If you turn on to something good
Pass it around


Well do you know what it's like
To be locked inside nearly every night
And do you know how people talk
When you ain't got a car so you walk, walk, walk

And the great thing about being you
Is you're free to do what you want to do


Проигрыш: E  E  A-D  D  E-E7-E  E  D-A

E                               A      
Don't keep it to yourself
        H                    E    
Cos I ain't got nothing else
E                               A      
Don't keep it to yourself
          H           E  
Cos I need your help


Проигрыш: E  E  A-D  D  E-E7-E  E  D-A


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