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Bush: Lost In You

Вступление: F  Fsus2 - 2 раза

            F              Fsus2              F     Fsus2
She rests her head close to mine,
             F           Fsus2      Dm    Dsus4
I feel her in me all the time
     Gm                   Gm7                 C     
It's been a while since I've seen her around
            F                   Fsus2                   Dm    Dsus4
We weren't at our best when she left town

         F               Fsus2        Dm  Dsus4
I've seen the red of the sun
     Gm                    Gm7       C    
It's dull compared to what I've done
    B                 F/A                    Gsus4  Gm7
And you're haunting me from space
     B        F/A            Gsus4  Gm7
As I crush my car again


Dm     Gsus4     G    
I, I get lost in you
    B                 F     
A safe place to come
         Dm                  Gsus4  G    
Cause you, you were the only one
     B     Bsus2/C      F     
To help to see me through

Faces can tell you've been used
I've seen how much there is to lose
Love seems to shine falls down
All the new tattoos have gone wrong

     B                 F/A                    Gsus4  Gm7
And you're haunting me from space


Dm                                                Gm7       
It's hard not to miss what you destroy
All that weakness knows no joy
Will I ever see her again once I was inside her


Dm     Gsus4     G    
I, I get lost in you
          B                      F   
And I try, try, try not to fade

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