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Главная > D > Deep Purple > Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming

Deep Purple: Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming


Dm  B  C  Am  B  C  G - 2 раза

  Dm             B5/D   
While you were out...
The message says
Dm              B5/D           
You left a number
And I tried to call 

      Dm            B5/D
But they wrote it down
                  Am               Dm   B5/D
In a perfect spanish scraw
          Am                Dm 
In a perfect spanish scraw


Dm  B  C  Am  B  C  G

Yet again
Im missing you
King size bed
In a hotel someplace

I hear your name
I see your face
I see your face


Dm  B  C  Am  B  C  G - 2 раза


The back street dolls
And the side door johnnies
        F                                 C                       
The wide eyed boys with their bags full of money

Back in the alley
Going bang to the wall
G#                        D#              
Tied to the tail of a midnight crawl

Heaven wouldnt be
So high I know
If the times gone by hadnt been so low

The best laid plans
Come apart at the seams
And shatter all my dreams

Sometimes I feel like screaming
Close my eyes
Its times like this
My head goes down

And the only thing I know
Is the name of this town
Is the name of this town


Dm  B  C  Am  B  C  G

Yet again
I`m missing you
Wont be long
O coming home

Until that distant time
I`ll be moving on
I`ll be moving on


Dm  B  C  Am  B  C  G - 2 раза



Dm  B  C  Am  B  C  G - 6 раз F B/F  F C

G# C#/G#  G# D# - 2 раза



F#m  D  E  C#m  D  E  H - 2 раза 

Hm  G  A(5)  F#m  G  A(5)  E - 2 раза 

Em  C(1)  D  Hm  C(1)  D  A - 2 раза

Am  F  G  Em  F  G  D - 2 раза

Dm  B  C  Am  B  C  G - 2 раза

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