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Главная > G > Gomez Max > True Blue

Max Gomez: True Blue

Вступление: Fmaj7  Fmaj7  C  C - 2 раза

Fmaj7                    C          
I'm writing to say
Fmaj7                         C         
The words locked inside
Fmaj7                            C    G/H   Am   G    F        
The ones that never could come out but now
They cannot hide
Fmaj7                 C    
Now they cannot hide

You were trapped in yours
And I was lost in mine
We never could quite compromise for love
But that's fine,
No love, that's fine

G                    Am7           Fmaj7    
What does it mean to fall in love?
G                         Am7                Fmaj7    
How high are the stars that shine above?


   Fmaj7             C          
Is there anybody in there
Fighting to come out
Looking for a reason
To find another route?

               G                   C           
Is there someone in the distance
That should have been right here
Or something that we talked about
                                 Gsus4   G
That never was quite clear?

              F Am/E  Dm7  C  G/H    
I would give it      all   for you 
                       Fmaj7  Fm  
'Cause only you
Are true blue

I'm writing to say
That there is no other fool
With a heart as big as mine that won't
Bend the rule
No I will not break your rule

Should we meet again
And two worlds collide
May be we could compromise for love
And abide,
We won't wonder if we try

What does it mean to live for love?
How high are the moon and stars above?


Проигрыш: C G/H Am   Am G/H C   C G/H Fmaj7

Fmaj7                   C         
I'm writing to say
Fmaj7                 C           
It's all for you
Fmaj7                           C G/H   Am  G   F            
My love will never die  It  shall remain 
True blue
    Fmaj7         C  
For you, true blue
             Fmaj7         C    
It shall remain true blue
    Fmaj7         C  
For you, true blue

Fmaj7                                     Gsus4


G/H                                        Am/E


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