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Pet Shop Boys: Domino Dancing


(All day, all day)

|Am  F|G  Am|Am  F|G  Am|Dm  G|Em  Am|Dm  G|Em  Am| - 2 раза

Am                           F  G                    Am          
I don't know why,     I don't know how
Am                    F                   G                   Am        
I thought I loved you, but     I'm not sure now
Dm                        G                     Em               Am            
I've seen you look at strangers       too many times
Dm                  G                Em                Am         
A love-you-once is of a,      a different kind

Remember when we felt the sun
A love like paradise, how hot it burned
A threat of distant thunder, the sky was red
And when you walked, you always - turned every head


F                       G    Em           Am         F          
(All day, all day) Watch them all fall down
                  G    Em       Am      
(All day, all day) Domino dancing
Dm                    G     Em           Am      Dm          
(All day, all day) Watch them all fall down
                  G   Em       Am        
(All day, all day, domino dancing)


|Dm  G|Em  Am|Dm  G|Em  Am|

I thought that when we fought I was to blame
But now I know you play a different game
I've watched you dance with danger, still wanting more
Add another number to the score


Cmaj7                                                D                      
When you look around you wonder
                    Cmaj7                           D           
Do you play to win? Or are you just a bad loser?


|F  G|F  G|

|Am  F|G  Am|Am  F|G  Am|

      F                        G    Em   Am
(All day, all day)
      F                        G    Em   Am
(All day, all day)

I don't know why, I don't know how
I thought I loved you but I'm not sure now
I hear the thunder crashing, the sky is dark
And now a storm is breaking within my heart

Припев - 3 раза.


|F  G|Em  Am|F  G|Em  Am|Dm  G|Em  Am|Dm  G|Em  Am|...

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