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Главная > T > Trawler > Go To Hell

Trawler: Go To Hell


|Am  Am|G  G|D  D|Dm  Dm|

|:Am  Am|G  G:| - 2 раза

Am                                       G        
M-m-m, don't move or bre-e-eathe
     D                       Am    
Collect coins in your wallet
                                 F          G    
Pray in a shelter and wait for mercy

Freedom from the right to choose,
   G                D              
Freedom from objectivity,
Freedom from opportunity to
   F                         G                  
Think and make the right decisions


   Am   G    D       Dm Am  C
              D        E    
I'll never be the same
Am      G  D    Dm       
Oh-o’key, man
         D5                F      
I'll never be like you
             G     Am  
You can go to hell 


|Am  Am|G  G|D  D|Dm  Dm|

Our needs and dreams,
Our personalities
Did not change in the past

For many thousands years probably, we think the same
As our cave ancestors
We love the things that we do not need
Which are essentially usual shit



|Am  Am|G  G|F  F|E/G#  E|

Oh, if you ask me why,
G                                   F         
Oh, why are you still here?
                      E/G#       E            
I will answer I don't want to leave

Am          G           F     
I love when everyone
   E/G#         E  Am 
 Is not afraid to   live


|Am  Am|G  D|Am  Am|C  D|Am  Am|G  D|F  F|G  G|

|:Am  Am|G  D:| - 3 раза |F  F|G  G|


I'll never be the same
O’key, man
I will never be like you
                           G     Am  G  D  Dm
You can go to hell,
                                  Am  G  D  Dm
You can go to hell,
You can go to hell

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