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Smokie: Something's Been Making Me Blue

Вступление: F  B - 3 раза C  C

      B                          Gm                              
Oh, love has shaken me, sometimes mistaken me,
  B                                F  
This time it's making me hide
 B                                Gm                    
Love has told on me then got a hold on me,
 B                                  F   
Followed my heart to my pride


            B                                       F    
Oh, but something's been making me blue,
       B                             F                 
And somehow I can't talk it over with you
  B                                       F   
Something's been making me sad,
 B                                  F              
Something I'm missing that I never had

         Gm                              B   
And I know what's making me blue,
    C        F   
Is losing you


Love was a game you played, a mistake I made,
Never found it on time
I thought love was alive again, then it died again,
Leaving me wondering why


  Gm                                                                F    
What is this feeling that keeps you revealing your pride,
Why don't you listen, you can't reminisce
          B                                      C   
On the times that she loved you and lied

Oh, I know, but love was so real to me, how does it feel to be
Tellin' yourself it's a lie
But now love's got me wondering, got me fumbling,
Got me stumbling by


           Gm                              B   
O-oh, I know what's making me blue,
    C        F  
Is losing you
          Gm                             B    
Yes, I know what's making me blue,
          C        F    E-F
Is losing you

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