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The First Class: Beach Baby

Вступление: C  G  Am  G - 2 раза

C                                    G            
Do you remember back in old LA?
Am                                     E             
When everybody drove a chevrolet?
F                                         C                    
What ever happened to the boy next door?
     Dm7                              G             
The suntaned, crew cut, all american male

Remember dancing at the high school hop
The dress I ruined with the soda pop
I didn't recognize the girl next door
With the beat up sneakers and a ponytail


Beach baby, beach baby,
Give me your hand,
              G                              C         
Give me something that I can remember

Just like before,
We could walk by the shore
                C           G
In the moonlight

Beach baby, beach baby,
There on the sand,
           G                          C       
From July to the end of September

Surfing is fun,
             E                           A   
We'd be out in the sun everyday

I never thought that it would end
Ooh Ooh
And I was everybody's friend
Ooh Ooh

Long hot days,
Cool sea haze
Jukebox plays,
                                      D    G  D  A
But now it's fading away...

Проигрыш: D  G  D  A    D  C (C  G  Am  G - 2 раза) 

We couldn't wait for graduation day,
We took the car and drove to San Jose
That's where you told me that you'd wear my ring
I guess you don't remember anything


Проигрыш: D  G - 2 раза D  A  G  A - 5 раз D  C (C  G  Am  G - 2 раза)

Beach baby, beach baby,
Beach baby, beach baby,
Beach baby, beach baby,
To-do to-do-do-do...


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